Abortion. Whenever I hear that word, it makes me squirmy. And maybe you feel the same way. As Christians, we believe God is the one who begins and ends life, so we need to speak up  for the millions of babies being aborted that can’t speak up for themselves.

All over the US there are clinics where abortions happen every day. In the next 40 days, around 200 innocent lives could be no more. So that’s why we need to step up and take the 40 Day Challenge. 

Here’s the 40 Day Challenge:  #1-Find the address of a abortion clinic in your area and pray for it by name every single day. Pray for the woman and girls entering it, and the staff inside of it. Pray for those who are thinking about making an appointment there. #2-Choose to fast from something and take time to pray for the pro-life cause. Maybe you want to give up tv, and pray instead of watching your favorite show. Maybe you want to give up sweets and pray every time you feel that craving. It’s your choice. #3-email/text this post’s link to your friends and family, inviting them to take the Challenge with you. Also feel free to reblogg this post on your own blog. #4-Comment in the comment section below and say: “I’m taking the Challenge”. 

At the end of 40 days I’ll post again and invite you to share how you’ve seen God work in others and in your own life during this time. So how about it? Will you join me in taking up a Challanage for this noble cause? Will you stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves? Will you join me in fighting a spiritual battle for life? I’m taking the Challange. How about you?